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COMCEBU – 1st World Congress of Zebu Breeders

September 15, 2022 @ 8:00 am

Make plans to attend the COMCEBU - 1st World Congress of Zebu Breeders!

The event will feature famous speakers from all around the world, speaking on exciting AND educational content:

1. Dr. Guideon Bruckner (Sud Africa) & Dr. Luis Osvaldo Barcos (Argentina): “The importance of Animal Health Biosecurity and International Trade”
2. Luiz Antônio Josahkian (Brasil): “Evaluaciones genéticas genomicas y visuales buscando un punto de equilibrio en la selección”
3. Dr. Bhushan Tyagi (India): “Sustainable Development of Zebu cattle in India: Past, Present and Future”
4. Ivan Luz Ledic (Brasil): “Cebú lechero en las Américas”
5. Dr. David Greg Riley (USA) & Dr. Penny Riggs (USA): “Insights from a Nelore-Angus beef cattle mapping population study reveal potential genetic regulation of tenderness and “dark cutting” meat applicable for meat quality improvement.”
6. José Otávio Lemos (Brasil): “Bos indicus - de la Índia a Gran Parte del Mundo”
7. Dr. Temple Grandin (USA): “Overview of the Cattle Industry”

We recommend checking with the event, organization website or Facebook page for additional or updated information

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