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42nd Annual AJBA All American National Junior Brahman Show

June 26, 2022 @ 8:00 am


Schedule of Events

*Subject to Change

Sunday, June 26th

10:00 a.m.- Barns open for cattle move-in

4:00- 5:30 p.m.- OPTIONAL Exhibitor/Cattle Registration- Creative Arts Room

7:00 p.m.- Queen/ Princess Welcome/ Orientation Dinner

Monday, June 27th

8:00 a.m.- Public Speaking Contest- Events Center

9:00 a.m.- Queen/ Princess Interviews and Public Speaking- Events Center

2:00 p.m.- Incoming AJBA Directors Meeting

3:30 p.m.- 5:30 p.m- Exhibitor Registration- Creative Arts Room


6:30 p.m.- Opening Ceremonies & Welcome Supper- Events Center

Tuesday, June 28th

7:00 a.m.- Weights and Measures, Color Classification- Steer Barn Arena

10:00 a.m.- Sales Talk Contest- Show Arena

5:00 p.m.- Scholarship and Shawnee Bailey Interviews- Events Center

6:00- 9:00 p.m.- England Cattle Company Fun Night at the Ranch

Wednesday, June 29th

8:00 a.m.- Showmanship Contest- Show Arena

10:30 a.m. Photography/ Poster Contest Judging- Creative Arts Room

30 min after Showmanship- F1 Female Show- Show Arena

12:00 p.m.- Hamburger Lunch Sponsored and Prepared by HM Cattle Co.

3:00 p.m.- Annual Membership Meeting-Show Arena

4:00 p.m.- Herdsman Quiz- Show Arena

6:00 p.m.- Scholarship Dinner- Events Center

Thursday, June 30th

8:00 a.m.- Bred & Owned Cattle Show- Show Arena

30 min after Bred & Owned Cattle Show- Owned Bull Show- Show Arena

1 hour after Bull Show- Quiz Bowl- Show Arena

5:30 p.m.- Incoming AJBA Officer Team Candidates Interviews

Friday, July 1st

8:00 a.m.- Grey Female Show- Show Arena

6:00 p.m.- Incoming AJBA Directors Meeting

Saturday, July 2nd

8:00 a.m.- Red Female Show- Show Arena

6:30 p.m.- Awards Banquet- Events Center

Hotel Accommodations
Best Western Town Center Inn

$89- Doubles & Kings

Holiday Inn Express & Suites- Weslaco
$100- Doubles & Kings (Code: AAB)

La Quinta Inn & Suites- Mercedes
$94- Doubles & Kings

We recommend checking with the event, organization website or Facebook page for additional or updated information

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